Sacral Chakra

Designed for Women’s Health, Nutritive’s Sacral Chakra Cereal uses Nutmeg, Clove and Cinnamon in a sweetly spicy way. The heavy texture of Molasses and sparkling sensation of Cranberries balances the flavor of a functional food trio made of Shizandra, Shatavari and Carob, designed by Nutritive for Women. The sweet warmth of The¬†Sacral Chakra Cereal¬†is as soothing as it is scrumptious!

With a rich texture and tartness, undertones of chocolate and vanilla,The Sacral Chakra Cereal brings comfort during moon-time while settling the mood and uplifting the mind. Enjoy!


Solar Plexis

Designed for Digestive Health, The Solar Chakra was our first invention blending Natural Medicine and Nutrition into a format that’s easy to enjoy. In school, Aurora (our Nutritionist) learned that it doesn’t matter if folks are eating all of these ‘Superfoods’ if they can’t digest them. Considering that the majority of our population is constipated from overeating and poor digestion, we asked ourselves; “How can we make a cereal that heals and nourishes the Digestive System?” This was the question that started Nutritive – and The Solar Chakra Cereal.

A product borne of a devotion to help others, The Solar Chakra Cereal conveys The Sun’s rays through an ancient and natural (and tricky) preservation of Oranges. Using nothing but whole, organic foods (of course) – including the purest raw Honey we’ve ever found, Wildcrafted Pine Pollen, Sea Buckthorne Berries and Chai Spices, The Solar Chakra Cereal helps you Rise and Shine, despite the conditions. Strong anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, make this an ideal breakfast for folks with Arthritis.


Heart Chakra

The one and only Heart Chakra Cereal combines some of the boldest functional foods into a creamy and aromatic sensation that leads to an aftertaste (and feel) like no other.

Another ‘divinely inspired’ work of culinary artistry, The Heart Chakra Cereal is a unique balance of flavors unlike anything you’ve tried before. The light scent of Rose Petals mulls the bite of Peruvian Ginger perfectly, while the kick of Urfa Biber Chili is muted by the round, buttery-smoothness of Matcha. This cereal is an absolute must-have.


Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra Cereal is your go-to breakfast for greeting a busy morning with peace of mind. Maple and Blueberry are used to ‘disguise’ the heavy, earthen flavor of a polyherbal formula borne of Ayurveda which has seen great success in Western Scientific Studies for its tremendous antianxyolitic (anti anxiety) and cortisol reducing impact.

Expect a more peaceful state of mind, resolve and clarity, when you treat yourself well at breakfast, especially with The Crown Chakra Cereal.

Nutritive Breakfasts are made Fresh, with unrefined ingredients so that the precious Oils, Nutrients and Vitamins are bioavailable and preserved. Providing Fresh, Nutrient-Rich Breakfasts is our specialty. How you greet the day determines how the day greets you – so rise and shine with a Raw, Sprouted, Gluten-Free Breakfast designed by Nutritionists.